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What ya’ll really want


What ya’ll really want


Against 12-mins… 

150 Power Snatches 

*Break-up the work however :)-Just get it done!

Every 3-mins Accumulate 10 Box Jump Overs (Between 2 people, not individually) 

L1: 95/65, 24”/20”

L2: 75/55, 24”/20”

L3: 65/45, 24”/20” (Step Overs)

L4: DB Snatches, 20”/17”

(3-min Rest)

11-min AMRAP: 

Row 250m

21 KBS

12 Pull-ups

**Alternate Movements

L1: Black/Blue, CTB

L2: Blue/Red, CTB

L3: Red/Orange, Kipping Pull-ups

L4: Orange/Yellow

(3-min Rest)

Against 10-minutes…

2-miles on the Assault Bike 

Then in remaining time: Find a 1RM Thruster

*Attack the 2-miles on the bike anyway, then find a 1-RM Thruster

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