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Tomb Full of Gold


Tomb Full of Gold

Don’t Forget to Sign up for the Pool Workout on Facebook.  It will be this Sunday.  There will be no regular workouts at the gym.  We will be meeting at the YMCA downtown.

If you are interested in the gymnastics seminar, it is coming up on  November 16!  Allison is great at teach all gymnastics movements including pull-ups, handstand pushups and ring work.  You can sign up here.





Power Clean (Every Minute on the Minute for 12 Minutes, perform 3 Power Cleans)


As many reps as possible in 12 Minutes

1 Power Clean

1 Pulling Movement (Muscle Up, Pullups, Ring Rows)

2 Power Cleans

2 Pulling Movements

etc.  (keep adding one rep of each)

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