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Tuesday February 12th:


Lots of unexpected PRs today with that 10-Rounder, NICE JOB! #HWPO 

Make sure to refuel after today’s Metcon (The best part of working out :)) 


Auxiliary Grip work with some Z-Press. 4 Rounds on the Z-Press (Pick weights accordingly). 

See you in the gym 


Skill: Mobilize/Review Stations

Strength: 4 rounds 

100m Farmer Carry

15 DB Z Press

(Rest b/w Rounds)

L1: 70/50

L2: 50/35

L3: 35/20

L4: 20/15

Metcon: Against 20-mins…For time (With a Partner)


Devil Presses

200m run

“**each partner must complete the reps but can break it up between each other so there’s rest happening. 1 partner working at a time

Runs together. “

L1: 50/35, 300m

L2: 50/35, 200m

L3: 35/20, 200m

L4: 20/15, 100m

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