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Ride Around


Ride Around

Skill: Power Cleans

Strength: Power Cleans-Every 2-mins for 5 Rounds

5 single Power Cleans @ 65-75%

Metcon: For Time!

Buy in: 500m Row


3 Rounds:

20 Medball Cleans

30 KBS


Cash out: 1200m on bike

Half of the class will start on row other half on the bike

L1: 500m Row, 20/14, Blue/Red (Amer), 1200/900m (Bike)

L2: 500m Row, Red/Orange (Amer), 1200/900m (Bike)

L3: 400m Row, Red/Orange (Russ), 1000/750m (Bike)

L4: 300m Row, Orange/Yellow (Russ), 750/600m

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