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CrossFit Durham has teamed up with AltShift to optimize results for our athletes. We recognize that the primary goal of the majority of clients we work with is to maximize fat loss. The AltShift Diet works by not only defining what one should eat to be healthy and lean, but also when to eat those foods to make the most of macronutrient content and to keep the body from adapting and halting fat loss.

AltShift makes good food choices, but then cycles carbs, fats, and calories in a fashion that mimics the way people likely have eaten through thousands of years of human evolution and can help to repair a damaged metabolism without having to starve oneself.

We believe nutrition is the foundation of any good fitness program, and the gateway to good health. We see AltShift as the most direct means to that end for our members.

Dieters generally fail for 3 reasons:

  • Guidelines are too strict
  • Motivation declines
  • Progress stalls

Grab your copy of AltShift – Lasting Fat Loss At Last here and start your fat loss journey with us today. After purchasing this e-book, all clients will have access to a private Facebook discussion group and direct access to book author, Jason Seib.

To get started on the right foot quickly, here’s a list of 21 Fat Loss Tips! Click here to download a free copy of The Fat Loss Directive, by AltShift creator, Jason Seib.

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