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Keep Calm


Keep Calm

12 Min AMRAP

6 Power Cleans 

10 T2B


10 Push Up


P1: 50 Double Unders



*Switch Roles every minute. Score is rounds and reps completed on the AMRAP + Double Unders completed


L1: 135/95, T2B, HSPU

L2: 115/85, T2B, HSPU

L3: 75/55, K2E, HR Push-ups 

L4: DB Cleans/DB Squat (Open style), Dragon Flies, Push-ups off a box


3-min Rest


Against 6-mins.. Find your max 3 Rep Max Push Press (From the Rig) 

*Can start with bar loaded to first attempt


3-min Rest


Against 12 Mins… For time—10 Rounds (5/person) 

250m/200m Row

10 DB Snatch


*Alternate Full Rounds 


L1: 70/50, 250m/200m Row

L2: 50/35, 250m/200m Row 

L3: 35/20, 200m/150m Row 

L4: 20/15, 200m/150m Row 

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