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Hammer Time


Hammer Time

Thursday March 14th:


19.4 Watch Party Thursday Night (8:00pm). Hope to see you guys there! 


Single leg work with a sweat sesh. Metcon. 

Reduce the Calories by 1-2 if you aren’t getting that much rest. 

Have fun, and see you in the gym. 


Skill: Mobilize/Review Movements 

Strength: 3 Rounds—

10 Back Rack Lunges (5/leg)(AHAP)

(90-second Rest b/w Rounds) 

Metcon: (3) (5)-min EMOMs 

5-min EMOM:

15/10 Cal. Row 

(2-min Rest)

5-min EMOM:

6 DB Squats (Open Style) (+) 6 Box Jump Overs 

(2-min Rest)

5-min EMOM:

15/10 Cal. Bike 

*Stay at the the station for 5-min, Repeats. Then switch in your rest*

L1:18/15 Cal., 50/35, 24″/20″

L2: 15/10 Cal., 50/35, 24″/20″

L3: 12/9 Cal., 35/20, 20″/17″

L4: 9/7 Cal., 20/15, 17″/15″

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