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Accessory Work: Weighted Glute-Bridges  10-10-10 

*Ideally done with your back against a bench, barbell through your hip crease, hips on the floor, and then pressing through. 10 is a lot- Pick a weight where you can achieve full range of motion. 

Strength: Every 90-seconds for 5 Rounds 

—5 Deadlifts (50-60%)

*Pick a weight and stick with it. If you have a 1RM DL then pick a weight that is between the above percentages.. If you don’t have a 1RM, these deadlifts should feel comfortable, not difficult on the last couple reps. 

Metcon: Against 10-mins.. For Time 

500 M Row

20 Hang Power Cleans

15 Bar over Burpees

20 Hang Power Cleans

15 Bar over Burpees

**3,2,1… GO! This workout is meant to be fast. Think about manageable sets for the hang power cleans (8-7-5)… Crank those burpees out try to finish those up under 90-seconds. Have fun, breathe through it, and get your fastest time. 


L1: 500/400m, 135/95, Bar Facing

L2: 500/400m, 95/65, BOB

L3: 400/350m, 65/45, Reg, Burpees

L4: 350/300m, KBS, Reg Burpees

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