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Between the Lines

Wednesday June 19th: ——————————— Nice work with today’s Shoulder auxiliary movements and Partner workout :).  Tomorrow:  20-rep Back squat day!  Try to add 5-10lbs from...
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Heart of Fire

Tuesday June 18th:  ——————————— Solid work with the Snatches and Metcon today.  Tomorrow: Auxiliary pressing movements then a Partner Metcon See you in the gym ...
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Monday June 17th: ——————————— Hope everyone had a restful weekend! Tomorrow: All the snatches 🙂  Rest of the week:  Tuesday- EMOM Shoulders  Wednesday- 20 Rep...
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Drip Drop

Wednesday June 12th:  ————————————— Hope everyone had a great squat day! How many people made a 10lb jump today on the set of 20? Tomorrow: ...
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Bottoms Up

Tuesday June 11th:  —————————— Tomorrow: Single set of 20 Back squats and then a super fun partner Metcon Metcon: Trading Minutes and your score is...
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Charged up

Monday June 10th:  ——————————— Hope everyone had a relaxing rainy weekend!  Tomorrow: Bench Press and Cardio  Monday: Bench Press  Tuesday: Back Squats (20-rep Week 2) ...
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Wax on, Wax Off

Friday June 7th: ———————————— Tomorrow:  10-min EMOM with Split Jerks.  *Increase weight each set  For the metcon, look to your coaches for scaling Muscle ups. ...
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Boom, Clap!

Thursday June 6th:  ——————————— Nice work with the last week of sets and reps with Pull-ups and Dips. Next week we Re-test each of those...
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Magic 8

Wednesday June 5th:  ———————————— Solid work with the snatches today.  Tomorrow:  8’s of everything!  See you in the gym ————————————— Skill:Toes to Bar  Strength: SSPT...
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Cheap Thrills

Tuesday June 4th:  ——————————— Awesome work with week-1 Deadlifts.  Tomorrow: Snatch Balance/High Hang Snatch/OHS **If you aren’t the best Overhead squatter, please look to your...
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