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Sicko Mode

Friday April 19th:  ——————————— Gymnastics day tomorrow! Bring your grips to save your hands.  For the metcon-look to your coaches to help pick a suitable...
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Grand Armor

Thursday April 18th: ——————————— Well hopefully the 5/12 pauses were better than the 7/15 🙂  Nice work!  Tomorrow: Halting snatches, take a peek at the...
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Wednesday April 17th:  ——————————— Solid work with those Deadlifts. Make sure to spend some time loosening your lower back and hips.  Tomorrow:  Pause Front Squats…...
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More than That

Tuesday April 16th: —————————— Tomorrow: Starting a Pull-up/Dip Program. We will test first then apply our numbers to week 1 of the program. See you...
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Pointy End

Monday April 15th— ——————————— Hope everyone had a restful weekend! Game of Thrones tonight, super pumped. Hope everyone enjoys the awesome-ness that is about to...
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Phone Down

Friday April 12th:  —————————— Tomorrow:  Finishing the week with some lower auxiliary movements.  Front Elevated Foot Split Squat will be different for everyone. Whether its...
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First Love

Thursday April 11th:  —————————— How about those Deadlifts and Bar Muscle Ups!! Solid work with a tough workout.  Tomorrow:  Should mobilization and strict press. Wear...
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Wednesday April 10th: ———————————— Solid work with the Front Squats. Next week the time under tension goes down :).  Tomorrow: All the Snatches..  Have fun...
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Pull me up

Tuesday April 9th:  ——————————— Last week of 7/15 pauses!!  Tomorrow:  Front squats and a quick burner of a Metcon.  Bike shouldn’t take more than 0:45-...
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High Hopes

Friday April 5th: ———————— Hope those DB Squats felt easy in comparison to the Pause FS :).  Tomorrow: Snatch Balance and a Partner Metcon. Partner...
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