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City Blue

Wednesday February 13th:  ——————————— On to the next one! (Hump day)  Tomorrow:  Review the auxiliary movements then hit 4 quality sets of (6-8) reps.  Supinated...
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Tuesday February 12th: ——————————— Lots of unexpected PRs today with that 10-Rounder, NICE JOB! #HWPO  Make sure to refuel after today’s Metcon (The best part...
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Tik Tok

Monday February 11th: ———————————— Got a doozie for Monday! No strength, warm-up to your cleans, and have at it :).  See you in the gym...
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Drip Drop

Saturday February 9th:  Within 12 mins to complete (12) TOTAL Rounds (6/Person) 6 (alt) Pistols  15 Russian KB Swings Remaining Time: AMRAP Pull-ups L1: 10...
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Carried Away

Tuesday February 5th: —————————————— Boulder shoulders and all the remaining time reps. Super fun workout, hope everyone enjoyed the Open Prep style Metcon. Tomorrow:  All...
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Wednesday January 30th:  ——————— Solid work with all the DB Snatches and HSPU today. Tomorrow:  Fun complex with Push Press, Push Jerk, and Split work....
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Monday January 28th: ———————— Monday coming in HOT!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  If you haven’t signed up for The Open yet, go ahead...
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Pay no mind

Thursday January 24th: ——————— GOATS! Looked like most enjoyed this one. Keep working on those goats :).  Tomorrow:  Pick a partner and have some fun...
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Mirror Image

Tuesday January 22nd:  ——————— Good work with the Push Jerks and core work.  Tomorrow:  Working on a Hang Clean Complex then onto interval work. 4...
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