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Monday May 20th: 


Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

The month of May if FLYING… One week from tomorrow we will all be crushing MURPH! Times are set in Mindbody, be sure to go ahead and sign up for class :). 

We will be grilling and chillin’ after the 10-11:30am Heat. Come hang out! 

Tomorrow: Pull-up/Dip Programming and 10 Rounds of Fun.. 

See you in the gym


Skill: HSPU

Strength: Pull-up/Dip Program: Week 6

Against 20 Minutes… 10 Rounds

3 Power Cleans


3 Burpees Over the Bar

L1: 185/135, Strict

L2: 155/105, Kipping HSPU

L3: 115/85, SA DB Push Press (switch arms each round)

L4: DB Power Cleans,  SA DB Push Press (switch arms each round)

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